Data Integration & Conversion : Saameeri
Organizations are made up of various functional areas that perform specific business functions. It is not uncommon for the functional areas to have their own software solutions to support their daily transactions and reporting needs. Organizational efficiency requires the data to be integrated across these functional areas.

Integrating data across the enterprise remains a critical challenge for the organization as it strives to achieve interoperability as part of the integrated enterprise initiatives. With increasing business consolidations through mergers and acquisitions, problems in integrating data across the enterprise increases multifold. With a robust set of data standardization and conversion rules supported by good data governance process organizations can accelerate towards an integrated enterprise.

Data Integration is the combination of technology and business process that work in tandem to support seamless sharing of data across the organization.

At Saameeri our Data migration and Integration practice is geared to:
                - Define and Standardize key data elements across the enterprise
                - Identify data issues across the enterprise
                - Migrate data as per the need and established data standardization rules
                - Establish a robust data governance process to maintain data integrity across the enterprise