Master Data Management : Saameeri
Master data is that set of data that is commonly used across the organization. This is key to integrate data across multiple departments in an organization.

In today’s complex business world data is a valuable corporate asset. Especially with increasing consolidation of businesses through mergers and acquisitions, problems in managing data across the organization increases multifold. By creating a robust process to govern and manage its data, organizations can significantly reduce the data quality issues that might potentially cripple their abilities to perform well.

Maintaining company's master data in reality is a complex process that requires an architectural framework and data governance process specific to your environment. This will support creation, maintenance and usage of the data consistently across the company.

At Saameeri our Master Data Management practice can help you in
                - Assessing your current situation
                - Develop a strategy and plan that best suits your environment
                - Design and implement processes that support ongoing maintenance of your company's master data
                - Establish a governance process that will help continually maintain your company's master data