Data Quality Management : Saameeri
According to the Data Warehousing Institute, poor data quality costs American businesses Six Hundred Billion Dollars every year. Poor data will result in poor decision making that can cost entire business. Lot of application development failures happen because of poor data quality from source systems. In today’s business world where information is the ultimate currency, quality data can be the game changer.

As an Organization, does the data quality concern you? Does it seem complex to define a starting point for that journey? Are you finding that data quality is the reason for bad decisions and wish someone can define a roadmap that your organization can easily follow?

Saameeri has an answer for you. Our data quality management suite of services offers everything from profiling to fixing / monitoring ongoing data quality. We have experience in both manual and automated ways of assessing the current state of your organization’s data quality. We start that by collaborating with you to understand what data elements are critical to your organization and what data sits at the heart of your decision making. Generating profiling results is one thing, but understanding outputs of same require best practices and organized processes to make the exercise effective. We are proud to have the latter!

You can rely on us for your data quality management strategy, current state assessment, data quality roadmap, data thresholds, data stewardship, data scorecard, success metrics. Our experienced consultants have done this for fairly large organizations of Global nature.